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Best Gaming Titles of The Last Generation: Rocket League

By Dylan Herrera | January 7, 2022

Who would have thought that an online multiplayer game meshing the adrenaline-inducing fun of rocket-strapped sports cars with the rush of a soccer game would

Best Gaming Titles of The Last Generation: What Remains of Edith Finch

By Dylan Herrera | December 21, 2021

It is certainly no exaggeration to say that What Remains of Edith Finch is one of the greatest storytelling titles in the history of video

Best Gaming Titles of The Last Generation: Celeste

By Dylan Herrera | November 19, 2021

Platformers and difficult puzzle games are oftentimes a welcome addition to any true gamer’s gaming catalogue. Indeed, unlocking a difficult puzzle or mastering a trick

Best Gaming Titles of The Last Generation: Stardew Valley

By Dylan Herrera | September 22, 2021

Opening on the deathbed of your grandfather, Stardew Valley is a simple and straightforward game at its core.   From the get-go, you receive a sealed

Best Gaming Titles of The Last Generation: Batman Arkham Knight

By Dylan Herrera | August 23, 2021

Who doesn’t love the classic superhero trope of billionaire businessman by day, vengeful vigilante by night? We’re of course referring to the universally known Batman

Great Blue

By Dylan Herrera | August 13, 2021

The Great Blue Slot On Mega888 Taking players and gamers alike deep down to the depths of the great, open ocean, Great Blue is an

Bonus Bears

By Dylan Herrera | November 9, 2020

The Adorable Bonus Bear Slots On Mega888 Winnie The Pooh. Paddington Bear. Kumamon. Yogi. Ted. These are among some of the most well-known (and adorable)

Terrible Game-Based Movie Review: Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

By Dylan Herrera | November 6, 2020

As far as terrible Hollywood adaptations of video games go, the Mortal Kombat franchise has seen its fair share of ups and downs. The original

Golden Tour

By Dylan Herrera | November 3, 2020

Mingle Among Elite Golfers In Mega888’s Golden Tour Slot Ready to be the next golfing maestro a la Tiger Woods? Participate in a world-class golf

Dolphin Reef

By Dylan Herrera | October 28, 2020

Mega888 Online Slot — Dolphin Reef Fancy diving into the depths of the ocean to hunt sunken treasures? Now you can! Say hello to Dolphin