Terrible Game-Based Movie Review: Dead Or Alive

Terrible Game-Based Movie Review: Dead Or Alive

Hollywood really does have a thing for fighting games and turning it into a monstrosity of a “film”.  

Case in point, Dead or Alive (DoA) is one of the many, many misses that Hollywood has racked up in their pursuit of producing the best video-game movie adaptation.

Just Stay Dead Already: Dead or Alive 

More particularly, the DoA movie was first released way back in 2006, and even then it was already a pretty terrible entry into Hollywood’s proverbial Hall of Shame

The movie featured some of the worst braindead movie dialogue and equally bad action sequences (safe for one particular towel scene) that you’d come to expect from a film of this calibre. 

Hey, at least you’ll be able to check out some exotic locations and sights (ahem) by watching this terrible video-game based movie. Also, the isolated island setting provides a mirror scene (pretty much) of some classic DoA beach volleyball gameplay you’d get from the original games.

In short, a quick summary of the DoA film is as follows:

Three scantily clad women compete in a clandestine martial arts tournament against the world’s best fighters. On an island. 

If that summary doesn’t inspire you to watch the movie, don’t worry. As a film, DoA is thoroughly unsatisfying and uninspired. 

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