Terrible Game-Based Movie Review: Alone in The Dark

Terrible Game-Based Movie Review: Alone in The Dark

Take two (pun intended) of director Uwe Boll’s foray into the ever-terrible world of video game movie adaptations. This time, the sophomore effort of the budding niche director is loosely (very, very loosely) based on the old PC horror game — Alone in The Dark.

Unsurprisingly it did not do great.

You’re Not Alone, Alone in The Dark Is A Terrible Movie

Like many of Boll’s entries into the hall of stinkers, Alone in The Dark is a boring, poorly-acted affair. It bears repeating that the film is DIFFICULT to watch. 

But if you’re going to subject yourself to this torture, you may as well know what you’re getting into. A short synopsis of the story follows an ancient civilisation and a horde of demons and yadda, yadda… it’s just not worth caring much about, honestly.

Also rather unsurprisingly, the movie is often panned by critics and fans of the original game as one of the worst movies made — regardless if it’s based on a video game or not. The film’s pacing is erratic, the movie takes place in mostly dimly lit environments, and it also features people occasionally firing guns at demons you can’t really tell are on screen. 

All in all, a must-skip film affair.

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