Best Gaming Titles of The Last Generation: Batman Arkham Knight

Best Gaming Titles of The Last Generation: Batman Arkham Knight

Who doesn’t love the classic superhero trope of billionaire businessman by day, vengeful vigilante by night? We’re of course referring to the universally known Batman here. 

This entry in the ever-popular Arkham series games sees the player taking on the mantle of the Dark Knight in order to once again take to the streets of Gotham city — eradicating crime one villain at a time. 

Batman: Arkham Knight

The fourth main instalment in the Arkham franchise gives players the chance to cruise the streets of Gotham once more, whipping through them as you rev the powerful engine of your Batmobile — an inexplicably joyous experience in its own right.  

But the game goes beyond just the joy rides and all the punching and throwing, it positions Batman as a crime solver — something that has been lost over time, when in fact, the character is foremost a detective than a fighter. To that end, as the Batman in Arkham Knight, you’ll be able to rewind crime scenes or find clues to help investigations. 

Plus, the fact that Batman: Arkham Knight is a full-fledged open-world game with tons of side missions make it one of the most entertaining time sinks amongst the myriad of gaming titles the previous generation has to offer.

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